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Deep Cleaning & Scaling

Scaling is procedure that  meticulously removes contamination  toxins, micro-organisms, plaque, tartar, cementum, dentin that is rough and/or permeated by calculus from around, below and under the gum line down to the bottom of the pocket. This is done to remove biofilm, calculus, and toxin down to the bottom of each periodontal pocket in order to obtain a healing response.

Root planing involves smoothing the root surfaces of your teeth with thin curettes so gum tissue can firmly reattach to roots that are smooth and clean to prevent tooth loss and sensitivity issues. This procedure makes it more difficult for placque to adhere to the root surfaces.

The office of Dr. Charles C. Brown, DDS employs a team of certified dental hygienists.  Trained and eager to help you with your dental hygiene needs.

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